I've been messing with some simple PCB designs, and have come up with the latest version of the USB charging keychain, this time with a few extra features.

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This version uses a simple, thick PCB as the basis of the device, allowing for a much smaller, and more sturdy keychain.

Instead of having a male USB component, the PCB itself acts as the male end of the device, and like the previous versions, the data contacts have been removed, so it's physically impossible for data to be transferred.

On the device end, the data pins have been shorted, meaning this version allows for fast charging, if your device supports it. Thicker blobs of solder have also been used to increase the robustness when it's inside your pocket.

Like the previous versions, this one has a keychain attachment too, so you can have one of these on your person in case you ever need to charge or power your devices through untrusted power sources.


Most of you watching will have seen the previous versions, so you know what this is for, but for those new, this keychain is meant to protect your electronic devices, so you can charge them safely in any USB port.

For example, it's potentially dangerous to charge your phone or tablet at a public charging port, like on a plane, train, or on a library, school or internet cafe computer. If you don't know or trust the port, then there's a chance it could be doing shady things like syphoning your data, or secretly installing malware on your device.

It should also protect against USB killer ports too, since the high voltages are directed through the data pins, which are missing on the USB condom. I haven't got a USB killer to test on, so I can't say 100%.

It's worth mentioning that this design is not compatible with Apple lightning connectors, but should work with all other standard USB connectors and devices.


If you want to make your own, the source files are located at the top of the page.


Alternatively, if you want to buy some, I've added them to the NODE shop. These ones will be sold in packs of 2, for the same price a single keychain used to cost. Worldwide shipping is available.

Alright, thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos like this, and I'll see you in the next one.