This guide will show you how to create a tiny USB condom to protect your electronics while they charge. It's small enough to use as a keyring, and is perfect for when you need to charge a device on an untrusted computer or public charging station.

It physically removes the data pins, so only power, and not malicious data can get through.

- Youtube link
- mirror
- Torrent
- Keybase mirror


- Female USB socket
- Male USB plug


- Soldering Iron
- Needle-nose pliers
- Mini hacksaw
- Hot glue gun
- Super glue
- Cutters


Step 1. Use the pliers to remove the two middle pins from the socket and plug.

Step 2. Remove the plastic insert from the socket and cut it down to size like this.

Step 3. Put the newly chopped plastic insert back in the socket and super glue it in place.

Step 4. Bend up the two pins on the socket and add some big blobs of solder on them

Step 5. Remove the remaining two pins from the plug and set them aside. Now take the hacksaw and cut the plug where you see the ridge in the shielding

Step 6. Clean it up, then re-insert the two pins. Cut and bend them so they are flush when pushed up to the socket.

Step 7. Solder the two parts together.

Step 8. Add some glue with the glue gun so that the pins don't short out on the shielding.

Step 9. Weld the shielding of the plug to that of the socket. It doesn't matter if it's not perfectly square.

Step 10. You now have a tiny USB condom to protect your electronics. I added a little keyring attachment to mine so that I always have with me.