Have you ever imagined what a future with self-driving cars might look like? If we're to live in a world with autonomous vehicles, then we're going to have to rethink many aspects of our lives.

Here are a few ways that things could change.

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We've all heard of Amazons delivery drones, but what about small self-driving delivery cars? A customer could order from a retailer and pay a little more for delivery within an hour. Load up the little vehicle, and it could drive straight to your door. You could check realtime progress via an app, and unlock your particular mailbox with a unique QR code.


Why not spend your 2 hour drive playing games or watching a movie? Imagine a service like Uber which allows you to specify a self-driving entertainment car via an app. It could be kitted out like a mini cinema, with no need for windows to mess up the picture.

With VR too, you could feel like you're transported to anywhere. The phrase "are we nearly there yet?" may disappear if we are spending our travel time doing things we enjoy.


If you're dreading the monotony of a long journey, then why not travel through the night and sleep the whole way? Without the need for steering wheels and dashboards, you have lots more room for comfy reclining chairs, or perhaps even full sized beds.


Linked to long distance travel, what happens when Motorhomes can drive themselves? This could potentially create a whole new class of intercity nomads, even if it's confined to a small area.

With a kitchen, bed and toilet, you could literally live in your vehicle around the clock. While you sleep, the car could make loops around a city limits, only stopping for fuel, which itself could become an automatic process. With the seeming never-ending rise of house prices, especially in cities, workers may opt for this kind of lifestyle instead of buying or renting.


The morning commute is something that could be transformed too. If we eventually can hail different types of self-driving cars, morning commuters could have a range of options. It'd be sweet to have a self driving fast food bus where you can pick up breakfast.

I could also kind of imagine the irony of a big company like Google having self driving gym buses full of exercise bikes, so busy business people would have another reason to be more time efficient or something.


With a future of autonomous vehicles on the horizon, we have a chance to reassess how our time is spent. Freeing up a large chunk of our days could allow us to do more important things. It also would allow us to rethink our ideas of what it means to be home, especially if your home can move 24/7.

I think it's not too far off until we start seeing alien looking machines on our roads, in the same way that cars looked strange to people who only knew the horse and carriage.