This guide will show you how to create a really tiny USB on-the-go adaptor. It allows you to plug USB peripherals like mice, keyboards, hubs, wifi adaptors and more directly into on-the-go compatible devices such as the Raspberry Pi Zero or some Android phones and tablets.

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- Micro USB male plug
- USB Female socket
- Scrap Plastic (I used an old DVD case)
- Heatshrink Tubing
- Thin single core wire (or you could use the legs off an LED or resistor)


- Soldering Iron
- Pliers
- Wire Strippers
- Cutters
- Hot Glue Gun
- Super Glue
- Mini Hacksaw Blade
- Lighter
- Helping hands stand


Step 1. Disassemble the female USB socket, and remove the plastic innards.

Step 2. Use the pliers and remove the pins from the insert. Now tin the middle of them.

Step 3. Take the hacksaw blade and cut the plastic so only the part where the contacts go remains. While you're at it you can clean it up and color it with a pen if you want.

Step 4. Use the pliers and reinsert the pins. Cut the protruding ends off so they're flush.

Step 5. Tin the contacts on the micro USB plug and super glue it to the other section.

Step 6. Cut, strip and tin a bunch of tiny wires. Follow the pinout diagram and then wire everything up. Add some insulating tape to any wires that may touch.

Step 7. Make sure each wire is securely attached, and that no wires are shorting on each other. Then you can use the hot glue gun and cover the wires on both sides. Add the plastic to each side to add a little more strength.

Step 8. Place the heatshrink tubing over your new creation and use the lighter to shrink it down. The heat will melt the glue a little so you can mold it a bit to make it neater.

Step 9. That's it! You now have a really tiny on-the-go adaptor. To use it, just attach it to the end of a standard USB plug, then insert it into your compatible device. It works great on the Pi Zero.

Just be aware that this will only work on male USB plugs, so don't try plugging it into female sockets. OK, thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and what you'd like to see next in the comments below.